• First time customers:
  • This helps us identify dresses that may work for you.
  • We will respond to your request (via email) as promptly as possible (usually within 24 hours) with dress availability and/or

  • Returning customers:

    This allows you to select your dress(es) for try on. We will then email you the estimated ship dates for each dress.

    This confirms your reservation.

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Each dress is shown according to size and not duplicated across size ranges.
Although each dress we carry is one of a kind, they are made of flexible material that can fit a range of sizes.  Therefore,
be sure that you search
in all appropriate size ranges
for a dress that is your size.
For example, if you are a size 4, then you should search for dresses in each of the "0-4", "0-6", "2-8", "4-6", and "4-8" size ranges.

DRESS TRY ONS - What to expect:

The Try On Form allows you to select your dress(es) for try on.  Once completed, we will then email you the estimated ship dates for each dress.
Once you confirm these ship dates, we will ship the dress(es) via FedEx 2-day express. We will email you in the unlikely event of a date change.
Included in the package will be a preprinted return label and return instructions. Please follow these instructions closely.
You are expected to send the dress back 2 days after receipt unless otherwise authorized by us.
Dresses must be shipped back using these pre-printed labels. If you lose a label and cannot notify us in time, then you must ship back the dress
via FedEx at a manned station (i.e. FedEx/Kinkos location). If this happens, please email us the tracking number.
You will be charged for shipping and a nominal $10 try on fee (per dress). The try on fee will be deducted from your rental fee for the dress you
choose to rent.

DRESS RESERVATIONS - What to expect:

The Rental Form confirms your reservation.  
As noted on this form, the begin date is the date you need to receive the dress. We will ship for arrival on this date.  
A 25% non-refundable reservation fee will be due at this time, as well as any outstanding try-on/shipping charges. The remaining 75% and final
shipping charges will be billed around the time of the reservation shipment.
You are permitted to keep the dress up to 5 days from the time of receipt. This does not include transit time.
Please email us for pricing if your event requires you to have the dress longer than 5 days.

NOTE: On the Try On and Reservation Agreements, please read the delivery signature section carefully and select the appropriate delivery

PRO TAN or any similar permanent staining tanning products are not permitted. These products will not come out if not washed immediately. If
dress(es) are returned with permanent tanning stains, the renter will be responsible for any costs required to repair the dress up to the entire
retail price of the dress.
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