Reservation Deposit:
If you decide to rent a dress, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation. This
reservation fee is non-transferable and cannot be applied to another dress for any event. Reservations
can be made via email and are subject to the reservation fee being billed at this time.  To confirm the
reservation and ship dates, a Reservation Agreement must be subsequently completed.

Rental Cancellation Fee:
For Dress Rental cancellations, RENTER WILL BE CHARGED 100% OF TOTAL RENTAL FEE IF
insurance is purchased - please see Reservation Agreement for details).

Please find below the Late Fee section to our Rental Agreement (The penalty is the full rental price per
dress for each late day).

Late Return Fee:
If Renter fails to ship the Dress(es) back to Rhythmic Rentals by date specified in the email
correspondence or Rental Form, or given in the return instructions included in the dress shipment,
Renter hereby authorizes Rhythmic Rentals to charge Renter the Rental Fee for non-returned Dress(es)
as a Late Return Fee, and an equal amount every day thereafter until the non-returned Dress(es) are
returned (amount not to exceed 10 (ten) times the Rental Fee for each non-returned Dress(es)).

Exceeding our customers' expectations has always been our highest priority.  Our primary responsibility
is to fulfill the reservation obligations to our customers.  To effectively do this, we must do everything in
our power to ensure that those who have already reserved our dresses will receive them on time.
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Reservation / Cancellation Fees
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